Ownership Is Bondage

Slavery: Alive And Nicely In America

They say that slavery was abolished immediately after the Civil War. But I say that slavery is alive and effectively in America now. Who are these slaves? What do they appear like and exactly where do they reside? Most crucial of all, are you 1 of them?

Currently I am going to discover the notion that ownership is bondage. Several of us have turn into slaves – slaves to our stuff. We consider we are wealthy and totally free when we personal a lot of stuff. My contention is that just the opposite is correct. Our stuff owns us! We turn into slaves to our stuff. Ownership is not freedom. Ownership is Bondage!

What is Slavery?

What is slavery anyway? Slavery is getting beneath the handle of a further particular person or factor. It is obtaining your liberty taken away. It is getting in bondage. It is getting dictated how you ought to invest your time and dollars. It is taking away your capacity to make options and the freedom to do the items you want to do. It is the suppression of the human will. That is what slavery is.

Several years ago the slave ships sailed to the coasts of Africa exactly where the slave traders ran by way of the jungles capturing the natives, binding them in chains, and forcing them into servitude. Currently we are pursued on Television, the radio, and in the newspapers. The slave traders come at us from every single path, luring us with their bait – stuff! And guess what, we willingly place our hands and feet in the shackles and count it a wonderful privilege to do so.

You consider I am joking! “Certainly this cannot be correct,” you say. Let me illustrate:

Of Slavery and Bondage – Lake Powell

I have a neighbor who is extremely wealthy. We’re speaking millions of dollars right here. This particular person has a massive residence. It is so major that when they constructed it I believed they have been developing an apartment complicated. The family members owns a lot of items boats and snowmobiles and quite a few other entertaining items.

One particular factor they personal is a houseboat on Lake Powell. I had the chance quite a few years ago to be invited with a group of young individuals to invest a couple of days at Lake Powell on their houseboat. This wasn’t just any houseboat, but a massive lovely houseboat. Not only was there a houseboat but a water ski boat and quite a few jet skis.

Throughout the quite a few days we have been there I had the chance to observe this pal of mine, the 1 who owned it all. When we got to Lake Powell the houseboat would not begin. The batteries have been dead. So my pal had to make a quantity of telephone calls to get the correct individuals there to take care of the dilemma.

Lastly he got the houseboat began and we got it out to the beach exactly where we have been to keep the couple of days we have been there. He got every person collectively and gave out a lengthy list of guidelines about the usage of his items. Now it was extremely generous of him to let us all come on this trip and use his houseboat and ski boat and jet skis. But I noticed that he was stressed the entire time we have been there, worrying about every single small factor.

The teenagers would take these jet skis out on the lake and when they would come back they would come correct up to shore and my pal would yell at them and inform them to get away from the sand, watch out for the rocks, never suck sand into the engine and on and on. He quite a lot chewed them out for not taking correct care of his items. One particular of the jet skis quit operating so he had to tow it in to the shop at the marina so it could be fixed.

Actually the entire time we have been there he was dealing with 1 situation and dilemma immediately after a further. To watch this pal of mine and what he went by way of on that trip was extremely intriguing to me. He seemed like he was stressed the entire time dealing with all the difficulties and challenges connected to his stuff. Honestly, he could not have had any entertaining!

Of Slavery and Bondage – The Cabin

I have a further pal whose family members decided it would be a wonderful factor to personal a cabin. So they purchased a cabin up in the mountains. It is two or 3 hours away from exactly where they reside. I suppose it really is a wonderful factor to have a cabin but what I’ve noticed is that he’s under no circumstances about. Anytime I ask his wife exactly where he is she usually tells me he’s up at the cabin. Either he’s fixing the plumbing or painting or undertaking some other repairs. He’s consistently up there operating on that cabin. I would not be shocked if he spends a lot more time operating on that cabin than he spends enjoying it! I consider to myself, “For Pete’s sake, you can rent a cabin and then when you happen to be performed you give the keys back and you never have to deal with it any a lot more.”

Of Slavery and Bondage – The Swimming Pool

Nicely let’s not leave me out of the negative instance section. I bear in mind a couple of years ago when my children have been young and we have been at the retailer. I saw 1 of these do-it-your self swimming pools that you set up in your back yard. You have in all probability observed them, the type that are 3 feet higher and fifteen feet in diameter. My wife and I looked at the pool and believed, you know, for a $150 it would be wonderful to have a swimming pool in the back yard. You could come residence from function and go out there and take a dip in the pool. The children could have so a lot entertaining. So we splurged and purchased the $150 pool.

I bear in mind we purchased the pool on a Saturday afternoon. We believed we would just go residence and set up the pool and be swimming by that evening and it would be wonderful. So we get residence and take the pool out of the box and spread out all the components. We begin going by way of the guidelines and start to comprehend that, “Wow, this factor is going to be genuinely tough to place up!”

1st of all you have to have an specifically level ground, fifteen feet in diameter. I also did not comprehend that you cannot just set it up on the lawn. You have to dig out the grass and build this massive hole that is completely level. It took me hours and hours to dig out the sod and dig the dirt out to make it level.

Then there have been so quite a few pieces to that pool! Immediately after hours of function I ultimately had the pool set up. It was 9:00 o’clock at evening. Now I had to fill the pool with water. I had all my garden hoses going and it nevertheless took forever to fill it. Of course we did not get to swim in it that day.

So we get the pool set up and filled with water and ultimately we can swim in it. That lasts for about a day. Guess what, you never just fill it up and swim for the rest of the summer time. No way! Now you have to retain the factor. It requires about 10 minutes of children swimming in it prior to the factor is filthy with grass and dirt and leaves.

Now we get to get filters and chemical substances for the continuous battle to retain it clean! Now who do you consider gets to take care of that pool? That is correct, me! I am the 1 who had to test the chlorination and the PH balance every single day. I was amazed at how speedy that pool would turn green and the moss would start increasing. It was horrible to retain. I had to get a specific pool vacuum that you hook to your garden hose to suck up all the leaves. We had to get a pool cover to retain all the leaves from flying in. We had to get a specific solar blanket to heat the water. When the children ripped the liner we had to get a new 1 for $50.00. We had to consistently get a lot more chemical substances and filters. Lastly the pool would get so negative that you just could not clean the water any longer. So I had to drain the entire factor, scrub it all out, refill it with water, and place a lot more chemical substances in.

Do you consider that I ever got to swim in that factor? Hah, hardly ever! The children swam in it all the time. My time was usually spent taking care of the pool. It was a nightmare! It got to be exactly where I hated that swimming pool. Yes, I swam in it a couple of occasions and it was entertaining, but boy, was it worth it? How inexpensive is it to get a season pass at the nearby swimming pool or the nearby water park and let an individual else deal with all that?

Of Freedom and Independence – Straightforward Wealth

I have a further pal I would like to inform you about. This other pal has an equally massive quantity of dollars as the very first particular person I told you about. But this pal has selected a unique way of life. To appear at his property, his automobile and the way he lives, you would under no circumstances know that he was wealthy. He has a good, lovely residence, but it really is a regular size. It is a standard residence just like every person else along his street. He drives a seven-year-old automobile. He could actually drive any automobile in existence and spend money and however he chooses to drive this automobile due to the fact he’s content material. He does not need to have something a lot more. He’s not out to show anyone something.

What he has is freedom. He does not personal tons of items such as the boats and toys that other individuals have to deal with. He lives a easy life. However he has the freedom to go and do what he pleases. I also know, and am 1 of the couple of individuals who know, that he has helped several individuals and family members members by undertaking easy small charity acts like paying off the mortgage on their residences. He gets wonderful satisfaction by undertaking these sorts of items. He also gets wonderful satisfaction out of living a easy life due to the fact what it provides him is freedom.

Of Freedom and Independence – The Straightforward Life

Now I am not an enormously wealthy particular person. I never have millions of dollars in the bank. But I also have selected to reside a easy way of life and have selected to reside effectively under my suggests. I’ve been capable to get to the point of getting absolutely out of debt. My residence is paid off. I personal nothing at all on my cars. In reality I never owe anyone something. Every little thing I have I personal totally free and clear. There is a extremely satisfying feeling to that. It is a feeling of freedom. If I have been to drop my supply of earnings tomorrow I could reside for a lengthy time due to the fact I never have quite a few expenditures. I never have the most current and greatest of anything and I never need to have it. The automobiles I have are a quantity of years old but they are wonderful. They are good seeking. They begin up and take me exactly where I want to go in comfort. They have energy windows. They have air conditioning. They have CD players. Seriously, what a lot more do you need to have?

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